With seating for up to nine, consumers know that a Chevy Suburban is built to bring everyone along for the ride. What’s often overlooked, but never forgotten, is all their belongings.

The Suburban sports plenty of cargo space to go along with all that passenger room. The result of Chevy’s efficient interior design is more room for luggage, camping gear, athletic equipment, and anything else you need to bring along.

Just how much cargo space does the new Chevy Suburban have? Let’s start by defining exactly what cargo space means. Cargo space, or cargo capacity, is a measure of the total number of cubic feet that a vehicle has available in its cargo areas. These areas can include the trunk or space behind the rear seats in hatchback designs. For minivans and SUV’s like the Suburban, cargo space typically defines the entire interior space with the seats removed.

With that in mind, the 2016 Chevy Suburban boasts 121.7 cubic feet of cargo volume measured from the rear of the vehicle to the back of the front row seats and is among the leaders of its class in this category. Broken down further, the Suburban’s cargo space dimensions looks like this:

  • Measured from the back of the vehicle to the second-row seats = 76.7 cubic feet
  • Measured from the back of the vehicle to the third-row seats = 39.3 cubic feet
  • Measured from the rear of the vehicle to the back of the front-row seats = 100.3 inches
  • Height measured from the floor to the ceiling = 34.9 inches
  • Width measured from wheelhousing to wheelhousing = 49.3 inches

Spacing Out in a New Chevy Suburban

It’s not just the space itself that makes the Chevy Suburban such a wise choice for heavy haulers. It’s also how all that space is designed and the accessories that enhance it even further.

The center console is large enough to fit a laptop computer. The doors are lined with storage compartments perfect for water bottles, umbrellas, jackets, and other items. And the available power-release second-row and power fold-flat third-row seats offer a way of playing musical chairs faster than any of the Suburban’s competitors.

Additional available items suited for your interior cargo needs include dividers, nets, mats, organizers, and a security shade. Cargo space can be improved even more on the outside of the Suburban with an available roof-mounted or hitch-mounted bicycle carrier or ski carrier, a hitch-mounted storage compartment, a roof-mounted luggage basket or luggage carrier, and even a roof-mounted watersports carrier.

The best way to get a feel for how much cargo space is available in the 2016 Chevy Suburban is to come sit in one yourself at Hendrick Chevrolet. Bring your friends and all their belongings and go for a test drive today.