If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re probably disappointed by the offerings of Apple’s Emoji keyboard when you’re trying to talk cars through a text message. As versatile and fun as emojis can be when you’re searching for a perfect smiley or a simple thumbs up, that little red car in the Travel & Places section just won’t cut it.

If you’re a Chevrolet Corvette enthusiast, you’re in luck. There’s a new emoji keyboard available, and it just might make your week.

Chevrolet Corvette Emoji Pack: Texting Just Got More Interesting

Designer Kevin McCauley launched the Chevrolet Corvette emoji pack Automoji: Bowling Green, an addendum to his debut emoji pack Automoji (which focused on Porsches). The app costs $0.99 and contains 27 different Corvette emojis. If Automoji (which has grown to include 100 illustrations) is any indication, McCauley will likely expand on the new Bowling Green pack, too.

Automoji: Bowling Green is available in the Apple app store, and compatible with iPhone or iPad, as long as you’re using iMessage with operating system iOS10 or later. We downloaded it from the app store to test it out.

After downloading, we assumed we’d have to add it to our keyboards and access it like regular emojis — not the case. Once you download Automoji: Bowling Green, you’ll access it from the App Store button within iMessage — the same way you access memes, gifs, and stickers in iMessage with the iOS10 operating system.

 automojiimage1-12-9 automojiimage2-12-9            

The emojis themselves send as stickers, which you can accompany with a text caption or just send as a standalone message. The selection of the cars spans the entirety of Chevrolet Corvette’s 60 year history: every generation and variant of Corvette is represented in McCauley’s app.


If you download the Automoji: Bowling Green app and see something missing, the designer invites you to send him suggestions for additions to the emoji pack on his website. You can check out the rest of the Corvette emoji collection there, too.

Want to exchange a few Corvette emoji texts with the staff at Hendrick Chevrolet? Pay us a visit in Cary, North Carolina, today. As the Corvette Headquarters for the Carolinas, you know we’re up for a lively discussion in text or in person.